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Our story


We are a group of like-minded providers that have come together in one safe and supportive space to offer mental and physical health services. Each provider here is their own business entity, however a common set of values was required in order to make this a good fit -- for us and for you.


With the growing  access to information via the internet and the ability to find others who share our curiosities from across the world, many individuals are discovering deeper parts of themselves that can no longer remain quiet. Whether that be a desire to broaden one's definition of relationships, a gender identity that has come to realization, or a commitment to better self-care -- they are seeking open minded spaces to pursue these discoveries with therapeutic guidance. With big changes come breakdowns and then breakthroughs. Those journeys tend to work best when our bodies and psyches are supported concurrently. Our society praises independence and self reliance but knowing when to ask for help is also a self reliant and self loving action. 


We respect all genders, all sexualities, and all relationship styles. You will find our providers have extensive knowledge in the many facets that can define who we are and how we relate to the world within their specific backgrounds and therapy processes. We are committed to making this a safe space for all gender identities and transition phases, are LGBTQ affirming, and are non-judgmental of how many one chooses to love. Of course, we are aware of the subtitles that relationships present when in conflict. Domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other non-consensual events will be handled ethically with safety goals and strong communication whenever possible.



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