Amelia Gutsy, Certified Health Coach


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Amelia Gutsi   Certified Health Coach

Alive & Gutsy

Uses she/her pronouns.

Gutsy + Compassionate + Engaged Living

My goal is to help you live alive & gutsy; overcoming hurdles holding you back with your health so you can live the life you want full of energy & higher level of satisfaction!

As a certified Health Coach, I will help you assess what matters most to you right now - it may be eating healthier, exercising regularly or having a self care toolkit for you to refer back to as stress/ anxiety/ depression hits! Some of the things I can help you with include: helping you tune into your body to find the foods that will improve your gut for overall health & mental well-being, we would then create a game plan to reduce food that don't suit you at this point in your life. We may explore what exercise you enjoy & build a routine that suits your busy life. We may also take a look at building a strong self care routine & back up plans when things get hectic. I can also help you tune into other areas that affect health around spirituality, career & relationships - these are also foods that feed us!

I don't believe in deprivation, instead nourishment! I believe we all need someone to help us get on track & stick with our health goals because no one is perfectly doing what their body needs all the time. Let's see what comes up for you - health can be more that what you’re eating, but what you're​ feeding your soul.

As a client, you have yoga, nutrition classes & much more included in my health coaching package so sign up for a free Wellness Assessment to see how you can get started today. And it’s more affordable than you  may think. I’m in the office Sunday & Mondays with a few other times during the week virtually.


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