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Anna Allen     Massage


My name is Anna and I'm a licensed massage practitioner.  I love massage and how it can be a powerful tool to heal, transform and help us become our strongest selves. I approach each massage and client with a spirit of openness, curiosity and care in which people can heal, de-stress and come back into themselves more fully.  I believe regular bodywork to be a valuable part of self-care.

I use a variety of techniques during each session to maximize results and create a custom experience.  I have trained in many modalities including; Swedish, deep tissue, cupping, Thai massage, myofascial release and treatment techniques.  I am always continuing my education; the human body is amazing and I could go to school the rest of my life and never know it all!  I have been licensed and practicing since 2006.  I attended the Brenneke school of massage in Seattle from 2005-2006 and completed their 650 hour professional massage program.

I have had a long journey of bodywork related vocations before I found massage as a career. For over 10 years, I was as a personal trainer, exercise and yoga instructor .  I've worked with many different populations; teaching classes, working one on one and specializing in work with senior adults.  Currently I am also an active burlesque performer and instructor.  I teach and perform all over the greater Seattle area and love the joy and self expression of performance.  Inhabiting my body for all my vocations, I place a high value on physical wellness and overall health.


For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, please email 


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