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Mondays 4pm-7pm

Couples, Poly-Units, Family



(412) 779-7923

Annabelle Ketchum    Couples & Family Counseling

Uses she/her pronouns. Annabelle is currently a graduate student at Seattle Pacific University pursuing a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her approach to therapy is based on systems theory, which focuses on treating relationships as well as individuals. She is passionate about working with non-heteronormative relationship styles and LGBTQ+ community members, and is comfortable working with couples, poly-units, and/or families with or without children.


Outside of counseling, Annabelle volunteers as a sex educator teaching classes on communication and consent. Her post-graduation goal is to become duel certified from the American Association of Sexuality Counselors, Educators, and Therapists as both a counselor and an educator. As an intern, she is looking forward to the learning experience provided by such an inclusive practice, and is committed to the non-judgmental and safe space provided by the Trans Missions Wellness team.     NPI: 1508214453

In order to assist up and coming providers into the community, access to training sites realistic to the topics and environments that they wish to specialize in are necessary. transMISSION wellness has chosen to use its breadth of experience and offer our space as a learning opportunity to select interns in the area seeking an alternative site in addition to their main internship placement.

Couples counseling is seldom covered by insurance, which hinders many from seeking the help they need. We are able to offer a low cash rate of $50 per session with Annabelle that is comparable to some of the higher insurance copays. This administration fee helps to maintain the space, usage of our record keeping software, professional insurances, and license fees. If this rate is still above your reach, please discuss this with your provider. 

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