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Brook Sorgen Greenberg, LMP   Massage & Health Coaching

I come to transMISSION with over 10 years of experience in the wellness world. I hold a degree in Psychology with a health focus from Bastyr University, completed a 1000+ hour training with Brenneke School of Massage and most recently, completed health coaching training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My practice is a blend of both massage and health coaching. While sessions for each are scheduled separately, both approaches are about self-care and self-discovery.  


The focus of my bodywork is to help my clients feel more at home and happy in their physical bodies. This can mean reducing tension, pain or soreness - but it can also mean allowing you to become more self-aware, calm and centered -through healthy touch. 


I want you to know that your session really is YOUR session. More specifically:


  • Undress to your level of comfort - REALLY.  I'm comfortable working with you fully clothed (or fully unclothed). Your comfort & modesty are always respected. 

  • At no time do I want you to be in pain. There may be times you'll feel some discomfort if we are working out tension or "knots". However, the goal is your relaxation and pain tends to have the opposite effect both physically and mentally.  

  • If you become uncomfortable, for any reason, please let me know and we can change course accordingly. Conversely, if you experience something specific that you enjoy, please feel free to share that, too! I can always go over that shoulder, knee (etc.) one more time! 


For health coaching sessions, I provide empathy, expertise, challenge and accountability. We'll work together to help you improve your wellbeing in ways that are important to you. I've successfully coached clients with goals around weight loss, exercise, healthy eating, self care and stress management. Meetings can be in-person (here at transMISSION) or via phone or Skype - whatever suits you best. Lic: MA00023006

Available WEDNESDAYS at transMISSION wellness

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