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Lauren McKee LMHC, CN & Fern DeMello LMHC, CN

Candlemine Psychotherapy & Gentle Nutrition

We are Lauren McKee (she/her), MS, LMHC, CN and Fern DeMello (she/her), MS, LMHC, CN, two clinicians in practice together providing psychotherapy and nutrition services in the greater Seattle area. We met early on in grad school and have formed a strong bond based on shared values that we believe are the foundation of our work. We have worked together in numerous clinical settings and have experienced the benefit of collaboration with one another for both our clients and ourselves. We hold value in relational work, inclusivity, and utilize a lens that integrates traditional healing practices with current evidence-based approaches to serve our clients.

We specialize in food and body related concerns. Among these are disordered eating, eating disorders, chronic dieting, body image disturbance, identity exploration and the impact of living in an appearance-based culture; in addition to commonly associated concerns such as anxiety, depression, complex trauma, chronic pain and OCD.  



Now accepting new clients.

Office hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Free 20 min phone introduction

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