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Lori Magnuson, Ph.D., CRC, LMHCA

Magnuson Counseling               

She/her pronouns.

If you have life changes happening - or want your life to change, and need a safe place to explore, I would love to talk with you about working together. 

I see people from all over Washington state exclusively in online/Internet-based sessions on Saturdays and some weekday evenings. All you need is an Internet connection, video camera, microphone, and a quiet space where you can talk freely.

My specialities include working with individuals experiencing life transitions, including:

- People with disabilities

- People coming to terms with LGBTQ+ identities

- People struggling with relationship issues

- Young adults with IEPs who are preparing to leave high school

- People questioning their religious faith or church upbringings

- Those who struggle with attachment injuries

- People exploring new career paths. 

Meeting via the Internet might especially work well for you if you are in a part of the state with limited counseling resources, if you have transportation challenges, or if you just don’t want to sit in traffic to get to a therapy appointment!

My rate is $60 per session. I do have a limited number of sliding scale openings as well.

You can reach me at, or call/text me at (206) 257-3858

Follow me on Instagram @magnuson_online_counseling


phone: 206-257-3858 (voice or text)

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