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LH: 60344737

Free 20 minute introduction

Molz Wirtz, LMHC LPC    Mental Health Counseling
Marigold Counseling  (Washington & Oregon)

They/them pronouns. I am an experienced, open and creative therapist who enjoys meeting individuals where they are at, helping them discover where they have areas for growth, and helping set goals that will create more fulfillment in their lives. I am a primarily cognitive behavioral therapist with a strong creative bent, helping people identify and challenge unhelpful patterns of behavior or thinking that are creating problems in their life, and encouraging people to tap into their existing strengths to foster permanent healthy change. I am also trained in a variety of other modalities, including dialectical behavioral therapy, art therapy, and trauma-informed practices. I believe that there are many right ways to live our lives. It is up to each individual to discover the ways that they are living consistent with their own values, and to challenge the ways that they are not. I strongly believe that resiliency can be taught, that each person has the potential to find some peace and joy.

GRS Endorsement Letters: I offer 2 appointment spots per month for those seeking only a GRS letter and not ongoing counseling. Cost assistance is available for those whom finances are a significant barrier in getting a master's level GRS letter.


I have been a mental health therapist since 2005, working with youth, families and individuals in a variety of domains, including in-home family therapy, foster care, and in schools. I have extensive experience in supporting youth ages 5-18, including culturally/ethnically diverse individuals, recent immigrants, and transgender, gender non-conforming, and/or gender fluid youth. I am also knowledgeable in supporting polyamorous, kinky, and queer individuals. I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist, graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2005 with a Master’s in Applied Psychology.




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