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The year is flying by - it's fall!

Hello. Thanks for checking out this blog. It's not updated too often, but we hope to get better about this... you know, once the pandemic is over and politics is sane and natural disasters wane. *wink* But meanwhile, let's talk a little about how to put summer to bed and begin to transition into fall and then what winter and holidays bring...

When you think about seasonal change, do you have any gut-based reactions? What are your favorite smells, colors, or traditions? How has your mental health been impacted by the change of seasons, weather, wardrobe options, etc? Do any past events keep revisiting in your memory and if so, are those thoughts wanted?

People often follow the seasons for things such as Spring Cleaning or New Year Resolutions. When summer comes to an end, what parts would you like to remember and which are better left to fade?


Feel free to use the diagram below to fill in any important elements of the seasons. Or ideas for supporting your own mental health along the way!


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