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WPATH SOC8 is here!

What exactly does that mean? The World Professional Association for Transgender Health has released the newest version of their Standards of Care. These are guidelines that, in theory, allow providers across the world to utilize foundational guidelines regarding the care and assessment of transgender individuals - including intersex, nonbinary, etc. It's a long document with many updates to multiple sections. New attention is on youth and surgery endorsement letters. You can check it out here: WPATH SOC8

For those seeking gender confirming surgery, having a clear order of events can be helpful and reduce anxiety. It is especially helpful to take notes! Jot down questions you have, be an informed consumer and research surgeons and procedure types, and ask questions at your consult appointment. I repeat - ask questions! Your therapist or PCP can assist with what to ask both the surgical team and those you have chosen as your aftercare support people.


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