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Counseling - individual, relationship, family


One-on-one mental health counseling from licensed counselors using talk, creative arts, and multiple theoretic backgrounds for adults,  teens & children. Family inclusive sessions are available in varied combinations to best identify concerns in manageble ways. Couples/Partnerships can set aside time to work on communication blocks, changes in realtionship dynamics, or even to plan out a cooperative ending.

Process Groups

Small groups meeting regularly with a structured therapeutic goal, member accountability, and support in a living room style environment. We currently offer a DBT group meeting weekly in modules and a Healthy At Every Size group coming soon!


Health & Wellness Support

Our providers are familiar with all body types and gender identities. You can feel comfortable talking about yourself and describing specific ailments openly in a safe private setting getting all the attention you need. Healthy At Every Size mindsets with providers that specialize.


Stress management, nutrition assistance, and personal coaching. Some of our providers are available to provide consulting services on best practices for clients or employees regarding LGBTQ+, transgender, or sex-positive concerns. 

All genders.     All sexualities.     All relationships.

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