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Kate Sherman, MA LMHC    Mental Health Counselor

Heartfelt Mental Health

"Come laugh. Come cuss. Come cry.

                                           We're going to get through this."

Uses she/her pronouns.

I am a welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable mental health counselor for individuals, couples, and more who are members of under-served and marginalized communities, with a particular focus on the Kink, Poly, and LGBTQ populations. Come to a place where you are seen and heard for who you are, without having to explain or defend your identity, lifestyle, or sexuality. I hold space for those who are in need of therapeutic services but don't want to spend their time educating their mental health provider, and shouldn't have to cope with their identity or choices being misunderstood or vilified.

I work a considerable amount with humor. I believe that laughter is both healing and eye opening, and can help ease the fears associated with exploring difficult issues.  My approach to therapy is collaborative, client centered, and holistic. I strive to be honest and transparent with clients, to help them explore and heal their wounds, and combat the internalized negative messages from the culture at large as well as from their particular environments. I enjoy working with those who are struggling with self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, self-harm, relational issues, and issues of identity.

(978) 226-3437

Weekend Appointments Available


Kate Shrman LMHC
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