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Telling The Truth About Sex And Love: Explore More Summit 2017

Press release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2017 Contact: Dawn Serra Email: Telling The Truth About Sex And Love: Hear From Revolutionary Leaders At Explore More Summit 2017 Ten days of intimate conversations with world leaders in sexuality, love, body acceptance, & emotional intelligence. Most of us need permission to talk about sex and pleasure. But where do we turn? Sensationalized media more focused on clickbait headlines than real change? Mainstream porn? Television experts eager to make all of us feel broken? The truth is finding information that is real, practical, inclusive, and relatable is getting harder and harder, especially in the current political climate. The Explore More Summit takes all of that on in it’s second annual event on sexuality, kink, relationships, emotional intelligence, body politics, & oppression. The free online event, beginning March 8th, features hour-long interviews with thirty of the world’s thought-leaders on love, self-compassion, oppression, pleasure, and sex. Founder and summit host, Dawn Serra says, “Never has it been more critical to have honesty, vulnerability, and connection modeled for us, especially considering the current political climate. We are at a tipping point, both personally and globally, and the summit promises to be a space where people can level up and heal their tender wounds.” Last year’s event was attended by nearly 3,000 people from around the world. Participants called it “life-changing”, “permission granting”, and “the kind of thing that will change the way I do sex for the rest of my life.” The goal of the Explore More Summit is to bring together a wide range of experts who stimulate deep, personal inquiry around some of our most taboo topics while offering accessible, practical skills for connection and pleasure. This year’s themes of vulnerability, mistakes, and resilience offer an inclusive, anti-oppressive perspective on topics such as: Sex and disability Racism & sexism Fat phobia and diet culture Sexual shame, libido, & desire Grief & empathy Gender identity, queer inclusion Non-monogamy & healthy relationships Communication BDSM & kink As sex education and reproductive health care access continue to see drastic cuts in a hostile political climate, especially for marginalized voices, this intersectional event promises participants a reprieve from the misinformation and hostility around our most personal and precious experiences. Explore More Summit dares to ask: What if we could tell the truth about our lives, our dreams, and our struggles using honesty, vulnerability, openness, curiosity, and connection, even if just for a few days? About Dawn Serra Sex is a social skill. I speak it. I write it. I teach it. And I help you learn how to develop it. I am the creator and host of the laughter-filled, no-holds-barred weekly podcast, Sex Gets Real. I lecture at colleges and universities on sex and relationships, too. When I'm not speaking and teaching, I also work one-on-one with clients who need to get unstuck around their pleasure and desire. For more information about the summit, visit


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