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Right now it is very tempting to either run away from the news, or immerse yourself in it until everything feels futile. For people of marginalized communities, social media and the news is full of depressing, discouraging information. This can feel incredibly overwhelming, and make someone feel like there is no space in their life for hope, joy, or peace. A DBT approach is useful during these times. Using the dance between the poles; neither hiding entirely away, head in the sand and ignoring everything, nor flooding your senses with all the information. Instead, allowing yourself to experience the difficult emotions and also realizing the joy and hope is essential if people are going to make it through the difficult moments. This is true for political frustrations as well as personal struggles.  This does not diminish the intensity and reality of the fears people are experiencing, but instead empowers them to not let their fears and uncertain dictate their life. It essential more now than ever that people find some love and peace in their lives. These are the things that make life worth living; it is the balance of hardship and joy that allows the fighters to keep on fighting.

Mollie Wirtz, MS, LMHC


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